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Last updated: Monday 24th November 2014 2:21 am

Carlsen retains World Chess Championship title after beating Anand in Game 11

World Chess Championship 2014 11

Carlsen listens to Anand after winning game 11. Photo ©

Carlsen listens to Anand after winning game 11. Photo © |

The World Chess Championship in Sochi finished in a win for Magnus Carlsen 6.5 to 4.5 against his challenger Viswanathan Anand. Carlsen avoided having to play the final game with black with a game 11 win in 45 moves against Anand's Berlin Defence.

Carlsen said of the game "it was a little bit more complicated than our previous games in which I had been white."

Carlsen was critical of his play in the early middle-game where it seemed that Anand got a slight edge. "Perhaps I didn't play the best way from lets say move 18-19 to move 23 because then all of a sudden this b5 created a lot of counter play"

Carlsen's move 23.Nef6 may have turned out to be inaccurate as it allowed 23...b5 after which the position looked very dangerous for Anand. However it was around this point Anand seemed to get nervous. Carlsen's 26.Kf3 supporting his centre was an excellent move and Anand said that

"I wasn't thinking very clearly at this point anyway." Anand

27.Rb4 was criticised by both players

Anand said "OK it was a bad gamble and I was punished." Carlsen said he didn't think Anand got enough for the exchange. 28...cxb4 was clearly another error (28..axb4 was certainly a better capture).

Carlsen described his play from here on as forceful and "was happy to find this plan with Nh5, f4 and kicking his bishop from e6 because that's really what's causing me a lot of problems. Once this bishop goes from e6 I can invade with the rook and then it's very difficult for him."

36.Rxc7+ was an accurate liquidation and even after the players passed move 40 they didn't really slow all that much and the game was soon over.

"I was a little bit nervous, and towards the end I got really excited so I had to try and control myself then." Carlsen

On the match Carlsen: "I thought after the first couple of games that I was playing much better than he was but then game three got me back to earth again."

"It's been inconsistant but it was evidently good enough. I can still improve but I certainly did some good things as well. For sure he played better than he did last time and he really pushed me to the end."

"it was tougher this time."

Anand on the match: "I was happy with some things. I did much better with white than last year but with the black pieces it didn't work out so well. I think it was a tougher match but in the end I have to admit he was superior. His nerves held up better."

This was indeed a closer match than last time. Carlsen, is the better player, especially in certain types of position which he seems to be able to enforce against Anand. However Anand was extremely well prepared and self-disciplined and kept his chances alive well into this eleventh game. Both played down the exchange of blunders in game six but if Anand had taken this opportunity this match would have been closer still or even lost by Carlsen. Such are the margins in world championship matches.

This was a quick defence after having been champion less than a year, Carlsen will next have to defend his title in November 2016 giving him 18 months to really enjoy the title. Perhaps this is the real start of the Carlsen era. 2014 was a rather disrupted year for Carlsen. He had celebrations and rest after winning the title, more commercial and media appearances than before, the Olympiad, which went very badly for him and then finally this defence less than 12 months after winning the title. He had very little opportunity for work on his game. With time on his side in 2015 I expect Carlsen's play to move forward again, and rather quickly.

As to Anand. He will be in action almost straight away in the London Chess Classic. He gave an emphatic "No" to ideas of retirement and I see no reason for him to do so. I can see many years of elite tournament play ahead of him if he really wants to. Whilst it would be a surprise if he is Carlsen's opponent in 2016 Anand is now qualified for the Candidates tournament of that year.

Final score Carlsen 6.5 - Anand 4.5.

Below are notes to the final game by IM Malcolm Pein with additional player comments.

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Shakhriyar's day 1 win against Grischuk turned out to be crucial in the end. Grischuk did win the return on day 2. Photo ©

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The Tal Memorial Blitz took place 13th-14th November 2014. The event was on the rest day before and morning of game 5 of the World Chess Championship match in Sochi. $100,000 in prizes, $20,000 first place. Players: Kramnik, Karjakin, Svidler, Grischuk, Nepomniachtchi, Tomashevsky, Morozevich, Inarkiev, Kosteniuk, Gelfand, Leko, Mamedyarov.

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov won the title with 16/22 by half a point from Alexander Grischuk. Mamedaraov scored 10/11 on the first day and only 6/11 the second and had to win the final round against Sergey Karjakin (who scored well on day 2) to take the title. Grischuk too couldn't quite match his 8/11 on the first day scoring 7.5/11 on day two. Games and final standings. Read more ....

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Aronian chooses his number. Photo ©

Aronian chooses his number. Photo © |

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20 years of The Week in Chess

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Mark Crowther on the 20th Anniversary of TWIC on Wednesday September 17th 2014. Photo ©

Mark Crowther on the 20th Anniversary of TWIC on Wednesday September 17th 2014. Photo © |

The Week in Chess is 20 years old today. The first issue of the magazine was published on Saturday 17th September 1994. In the full article below I give an update from the 1000th issue earlier in the year. I list all 1036 issues so far along with their text and with a donation button to get all the games in ChessBase format. I feel a great sense of achievement in reaching this landmark. I hope that in some small way I've helped players all over the world keep in touch with chess and have access to almost every top class game over that time no matter how rich or poor they are. Now I have to look to the future. I plan to be around a long while. I have some obvious additions I can make to the website that only require some programming but also my personal financial stability has to come to the fore now. Read more ....

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